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I love going to see Connie! She is warm and welcoming, and makes you feel totally at ease. Her salon has a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. I feel better, physically and spiritually, after each visit with her.  - Chalynne Reed

This was my first experience and it was awesome. Constance was amazing. The atmosphere was soooo calm and relaxing. I am looking forward to my next appointment. - Sherice Byrd

Hello all! I made a wonderful ally in health when meeting Constance Jones. I was referred to her through my Naturopathic practitioner.  She is a Colon Hydro-therapist with a mission to heal others through the power of knowledge, hydrotherapy, and the use of essential oils. When I first met her, she was very thorough in explaining all of the details for a first-time patient.  

When it was time for the actual procedure, I was nervous, but became very calm and relaxed with Connie's warm and gentle demeanor. She made me feel so comfortable while she explained the process in detail while in our session. She is patient and kind and most of all GENTLE with such a delicate procedure!  

Having a Colonic may not be something that you would feel comfortable talking about or even thinking about, but it is something that I sincerely recommend for everyone who is searching for an alternative to colon care. This procedure is safe and gentle with the right practitioner, and I definitely recommend Constance Jones... Connie is patient and kind and most of all GENTLE with such a delicate procedure!  Please seek out her services to help you free your self and you colon from all of the BULLSHIT! - Shanda D.

Connie is wonderful in every way, a true healer. Thank you! - Anonymous

Best thing I could have done for my body. Connie is a beautiful soul. I will certainly miss her and her technique when I move. - Anonymous

The entire experience was very good! It was calming, professional and very informative. - Anonymous

I’ve been doing a 7-day detoxification cleanse every year (ok, sometimes, it’s every couple of years!) since my twenties, thanks to one of my best friends who is a colon hydrotherapist and health advocate herself.  Every time I do the week-long detox cleanse, I try to get in at least 4-5 colonics. As you may know, there are not a lot of them in this area, and so they book up pretty quickly. Hence, my journey to visit a number of them across Massachusetts (including down by Cape Cod!), New Hampshire, and Connecticut began.  

This year I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Connie Jones for the first time. Connie offered the best of everything I had ever experienced and more. She is very seasoned and competent (which was apparent in the first five minutes I was there)…Her space is colorful, warm, and welcoming, filled with beautiful artwork throughout.  Her voice and aura are calming and gentle, and her intelligence and experience are very apparent.  I feel very fortunate to have found her, and I’ll definitely make the trip in the future. So if anyone is looking for the best colonic experience and you’re driving through or near CT (or live anywhere in New England or NY for that matter), it’s worth visiting Connie. You’ll be glad you did! - Louise Davis